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context and beliefs of myself as an artist

I have been researching quite a few artists that I feel relate my work, mainly Mark Quinn, Antony Gormley, and Edmund du waul, also looking at Clare Twomey, Rachel Kneebone, I have also found that the constellation project has had an influence on my work, making me more aware of materials I choose, finishes I look for and outcomes I expect, and how they are perceived.

In constellation I am doing glamour and the grotesque, and I find my work relates to both of these topics, my present work to glamour, looking at shiny surfaces, with a classic image, looking at light, and finishes to accentuate these ideas and concepts.

Looking at phenomenology, I feel my work fits into this category, looking at phenomenology it seems that it’s experience from the point of the 1st person, in is person centred if we were talking from a councillors perspective, also studying the consciousness and the object of direct experience, in other words it’s the experience of consciousness,

In real terms this means that from a structure or idea a perspective, sense or feeling will be expressed from this original structure.

I feel it very important that my work tells story, gives meaning to, has a concept, I would like my work to be exhibited worldwide in the form of installations or exhibitions that show a quantity in the form of collection, as I saw the collection is important in the way that I work, my work is non-functional as far as use for eating or drinking, functional in an emotional way, allowing an enabling expression, questions, giving a sense of transformation and movement, and allowing the viewer to ask and answer questions within themselves, I see this form of storytelling and wish to do this in a comprehensible and accessible way, not just art for artists. I would like to think my work is accessible to many people, with disabilities, seen and unseen.

I wish my art to have a voice, to have a life of itself to exist in its own being, I expressed myself in this way to make sense of the world, the world I have experienced, it has always been a safe space in which I can exist.


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