Areas of interest, why

In looking at other artists to research, I do not concentrate on the materials they are using, I look for the way in which they using them. The emotional language in which they are using bringing their concepts into discussion.

I will interview Sam, who have been helping choreograph a silk’s piece, looking at her inspirations of why choose learning silk at her age and what motivations are. It seems Sam and I move from a similar place, and I see similarities in the way she moves in the world as I did and do not any longer to conditions beyond my control.

I think some of my work does cross into post-modernist, looking at synthesis in my work to protect myself professionally in context and define my work. This is just as important to my work as to make, is how I relate to and from it defines what kind of artist I am and how I am perceived.

But is important to know who cares about the work I do, and if anybody would care, would it make any impact in the world, does it have something to say or is it just an indulgent justification of myself. It is important for me that my work does relate, that creates a language that can be read and interpreted from any language. I have a desire to work on a larger scale, with groups of people outside the art world, with organisations like women’s aid, disabled, terminally ill and young people.

I have recently exhibited at the shape gallery in London and Westfield shopping centre, this was a good experience meeting other disabled artists, showing my work in a professional setting, without the professional artists, this was something I was invited to enter as it is a competition and I am a finalist.

I was offered this opportunity as last year in researching I came across shape arts and entered in the competition to have a residences in the Victorian Albert museum to 3 months, I got the shortlist, but did not win this opportunity, they then sent me more information on other opportunities. This taught me that even though I have no experience in except him or showing my work, and feel inhibited to do this, as I have always kept my work artwork very private unless it was commercial work. This has been a large learning experience, and I feel excited and privileged to be to show my work to a larger audience, and will look for more opportunities to do this.

I make work in the collective because I felt this has a life of its own, and impact that changes the work itself, that using a similar or same piece in a different way, different setting or background changes that piece completely, giving a different sense a different language and interpretation, this interests me that the same thing can be seen in many different ways from different perspectives. It then says that the way you say something has as much importance as what you say and maybe more as saying words in one form with one internation would express one thing saying words with another internation express another this same with artwork. Artwork itself is a language and expression, and I wish to make meaningful statements, with this language.


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