Performance Art, subject

ideas with mixed media (performance)

I believe that working with still life ceramics, lighting, possibly sound and live action in the form of local artists performing would be a really good way to experiment and move towards intermixing different forms of art. The main concept behind this work is to do with sensing and feeling the fact that I can no longer perform in a true sense of the word, my body still senses and feels movement, I knows how and what it feels like to still do this movement. I therefore feel my concept is about translating a feeling intimation or action which is external to myself, from an internal feeling I will look at this concept in more detail. I know that when I learnt to perform or to do trapeze it was the feeling within me Not perform but to learn to pursue a language, physical being that I wish to talk and discuss somehow within this language from my body, to naturally speak his language. I now find that the same thing is happening within my arts with ceramics my creativity, I wish to to discuss and talk in this language. Clear to express and convey what my body and my mind is feeling, to communicate in a wider term, to show what I feel, even though i can no longer do this physical pursuit in a physical way, I can though express it, interpret it, so movement and skill are still shown. I have realised there is many many skills I still have to learn within this field and am excited and look forward to learning them.


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