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New systems in Uni

I have found the whole University system of blogging, printing, lectures, inductions, all extremely difficult to learn and not user-friendly in a lot of areas, especially portals, where I have found I have lost choice to parts of my course that I find very important. I do though now feel that I am coming to terms with the new systems, mainly e-mails and less one-to-one contact, unlike my older place of learning, which was all about one-to-one contact, journals and no electronic communication at all.

I have found their there are still issues around printing, which do not seem to be off to get around at present even though I have gone to IT, learning support, I am unable to print out my pictures into contact sheet, which has hindered my journal, which is where my thought processes usually go.

I have found pacing my energy, extremely difficult, mainly because I’m excited to be working in a place that has potential. I realised to sustain my health I must look at the long game, and pace myself, I have though struggled with showing how much work I’m doing, as I have a irrational fear of the blog and the system, which tends to stress me.

I’m trying to find new systems which will make this easier to show and compile, the work I am doing, to enable it to be seen, as I do make lots of notes, think through my projects, take photographs and continually assess my work. I need data show this clearly and find systems that make this easy .

I have identified that not having my headphones to work by Dragon has hindered me for a period of time, I now have borrowed some headphones and have my Dragon working, I now need to find time and space within my university hours, in a quiet and contemplative place to ensure that I update my blog and journal frequently enough to be assessed clearly and with my full potential showing.

Not having found i have any anergy after uni, often to cook or eat, so work needs to be done whilst still at uni.

I have had many ongoing physical annoyances , resting doesn’t seem to help , as keeping busy takes my mind off the large amount of pain i feel , i would rather distract into my practice and feel productive.


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