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Photographing ceramic maquettes and laser cutting acrylic

I began looking at my work that I had made, my maquettes, and different ways of looking at how movement could work with my figures, I would like to reproduce the figures cast them in different ways, learn new ways of casting and reproduce as I find the collective very interesting, has more of an impact and can become a life in an energy separate to the original figure.

In looking at different ways I thought of text and photographs of my work I then had the idea of looking what this would be like laser cut in acrylic, I find acrylic gives not that I mentioned to my work and compliments, a because it puts colouration, be that it has a reflective quality which can directly reflect upon the work I’m doing with a different energy and force consents, I then went downstairs and asked what I would need to do to turn my photograph into laser cut acrylic image, and then use Corel photo shop to manipulate my image into a line drawing this we then processed in the computer and printed out I repeat this process a couple of times with a couple of images and in 2 colours initially orange and green. Orange thing that the 2nd chakra and colours they synergy being of the stomach and green being of the heart.

I found that these images were more successful than I originally thought maybe, and this very excited by the qualities and silhouettes that had come from the original ceramic figures, the St complement ceramics perfectly bringing colour light and a new dimension to intermix with the ceramics.

I then played with putting light through the acrylic figures and producing more in different colours pink, blue, yellow, black, and clear I did these various sizes, the 1st batch I made the line smoother and the 2nd batch the line was rougher, I found this change the way the light the fact it through when light was added but did not change the shadows which were quite dramatic. I found this very successful way of giving another guy mentioned to my ceramic work and experiment with using this in different ways integrating with the ceramic figures.


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