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Sensorial Exhibition

I went to the sensorial exhibition, this was most interesting, the exhibition was well attended and the pieces were of a extremely good quality and of an unusual interest , the piece made by Ingrid and John were my favourite because of the interaction and that a child would enjoy and “Get It” as much as an adult but by now means was the skill and level of the installation diminished by this in fact it made it the perfect pieces, as everyone was delighted by the piece, so much that it was hard to hear the lecture when it started as people did not want to stop playing with the said piece. The lecture was really interesting talking of how taste and sense are integrated and that eating off a gold spoon would enhance your experience of the food were as tin and brass would be more likely to make the food taste bitter, this was enlightening and makes me reflect on my own experiences of living without electricity for years and the effect that had on my body when approaching a city for the first time, how I could feel the electrical vibration.

We are far more sensitive than we give are self credit for and can easily link back into the experiences and senses, is it surprising we are getting road rage when the magnetic field around a car is a strong force which interferes with our own bodes magnetism? Reading such books as Autogeddon by Heathcote Williams are an interesting outlook on cars and sensorial and environmental impact.

We make judgement on people and situations within seconds and are bombarded with constant cognitive demands, our body making judgement which sometimes disagree with the conscious mind. Fight and flight often overrode in inorder to be polite.

This has inspired me to look more a the knowledge I have and to extend this into my work, as I have for many year been working within a sensory area, with teaching of meditation and awareness classes, psychometry.

I find the interaction of other and shows are invaluable in helping prompt and give context to our own work.


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