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Field, Art in the Public Realm

We started field and have been receiving lots of very relevant and succinct information on the course run by Pip Lawrence and Sue Hunt, this has provided me excellent information and foundation for this business brief in a field i am extremely interested in. The tutorials and lectures have filled in lots of gaps I had, from the days of doing commercial work, these have specifically allowed me to look at real briefs and develop a strategy for further professional work with lots of useful tips on how to approach firms and seek funding, good website and also networking.
On reflection I feel I need to update and professionalise a very old and dated CV,become more presentable of my ideas and skills as I feel I am not very good in presenting myself these days , I seem to have lost subtleties and can be quiet abrupt at times as I forget things so easily I have learnt to just say things while I remember which may not be appropriate at times.
Pip and Sue also brought Emma Price from EMP Projects which was insightful and again added to the wealth of information given by the tutors.
I feel by the end of this field project I would have learnt and exercised practical skills which will help invaluably in the future of my public art and recognising opportunities and how to move forward with these.


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