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Field and Subject

I have found this term field and subject have intermixed for me the first time. The the previous field i did was great but seemed more separate to my subject, this time though, i have felt that field has become my subject and subject field. This is far more satisfying and leads me to believe that the skills needed for Art in the public realm is far more in keeping with my natural position and way of working, The previous field “Synergies” taught me lots, but also taught me that I need to do more to be competent and learn new processes especially technology. The present field “art in the public domain” has made me realise this is where my heart is and the work i produce in this area, not personally for my home or environment, though i am compelled to make it, i desire to display and show it to enhance public spaces for others and educational purposes.
I do feel it is a personal expression or the start of a conversation with an audience, I would like to be heard as i feel i am speaking about topics that could relate to others..

Since starting the field project I have visited London and looked more at Cardiff and have been exploring public art within these two areas , I realise I am extremely interested in architecture, as over the years I have photographed it often have been admiring certain buildings such as the National Portrait Gallery , The National Museum of Cardiff, The Millennium Centre Cardiff, the list would be endless.
I was surprised to see a staircase made of terracotta from near Ruthin, North Wales which I previosly lived close to for many years and was more surprised it was being used in this way.  We tend to think of ceramics as delicate, breakable, this was refreshing to see. This was in the NWR Building in Cardiff Bay.IMG_4139 (1)

IMG_4134 (1)

IMG_4135 (1)


IMG_4121 (1)

IMG_4119 (1)



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