The photo’s i have posted are using different lighting, I tried to use photoshop and was having trouble with the version I had, so as i am at present making short films to work in conjunction with my work I had the idea of photographing the moquette’s and using different gels instead of using photoshop, I found i was much more comfortable with this as a process and found it far easier to try different ideas and play with colour. On reflection I have realised that I must remember to use the abilities, knowledge and strengths to find solutions, I have gathered rather than forcing myself to do new things I do not find natural , or old skills which i struggled with, yes its good to develop new skills and I am always open to learning new skills but not at the expense of doing a job badly.I have deadlines and resources at hand that would give me a better results, its not all about the new! I had forgotten how much I have previously learnt in the past and putting this to use, this was a good reminder and lesson to me to use existing skills in a new way. Sometimes new perspective is all that is needed, I was really pleased with the results and they look natural, were easy to manipulate with varying outcomes. I do wish to learn more computer skills, I find though having memory issues that even when I think I have learnt them they change format or update, having to start all over again, so hands-on work is a good option which allows me and works more to my strengths rather than weaknesses. There is a sense of accomplishment to take an idea through concept into a fully expanded idea with options , costing and possible implementation, this is my favourite way of working as it has so much potential and is never wasted as always there as a resource to reflect and maybe move on another time even if the proposal is not taken up initially.


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