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My Field Proposal

I have been working on a filed proposal, which includes a maquette, spreadsheet budget, and creative ideas.

Since beginning this project my ideas have expanded and I have learnt more about the practicalities of producing a succinctly produced proposal, which is both professional and creatively expressive , as I do not want too loose the creative enthusiasm I have in the poor written word.

I feel the teaching has been both creative, professional and engaging, I have been able to develop my skills to the point where I am happy with the way in which I am presenting my work and it is both creative and informative in professional and technical detail, this is important as most people who are instructing and employing artist may not be creative of mind but more of intellect.

I have learnt to analyse and reflect upon my work more deeply as regards to motive and material as well as technical issues which may arise and in ways of longevity and rigging etc.

I have had to look at my designs and maquettes to see if they are practical and if I would need to make in alternative materials such as fibreglass rather than clay or Paper Clay, I would also think making molds would be the best way to produce work that would consider not only weight but translucency. I have also come to realise that it is not necessary to do all jobs yourself and employing and budgeting for other experts such as riggers is a cost that is essential to provide a professional service to a client.


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