Dissertation proposal

I have not had a computer for the last couple of months as it has been broken and away for repair, this has made life very difficult as I work with speech programs for reading and writing.
I have now eventually recieved my computer back, after I have finished my propsal and my deadline is up. I have managed to do the best I could without the resources I usually use, not only am I severely dyslexic, but reading shuts my cognitive functions down with M.E, so i have struggled to read and write and this I feel has impacted greatly on what I believe I could have achieved. I do feel pleased with what I was able to complete, but this took me so many hour to finish. I did not have time to refine what I had written and I realise some of the advice I was given was incorrect regarding the layout of the biblography, which I now know to be incorrect that it is not in alphebetical order, which I should have trusted my own judgement.

I have expanded my learning about disability, social and medical models and the wider subject of identity, this is both interesting personally and professionally. I would like to learn more about disability, how it is perceived, as there is still so much stigma involved surrounding disability.

It appears identity of disability has been subject to much debate and criticism over the years in which it has been lobbyed to achieve vast changes in law in this country.

Identity and labelling have been crucial to the movement of disability and great changes have been made in the last 30 years, these changes and the social and medical model now seem dated. I would not have been so aware of the movement and models if it had not been for all the reasearch i have been doing.
I have found that i need structure to enable me to reaserch effectivly as reading is so difficult. I have found that going through the index of the book helps greatly to allow me to see the relevent peices of the book; this is a new technique for me.
It seems from my reading that the logo and other parts of the identity of disability has much room for change and development,like my learing styles.
I feel so interested in the information I am learning but finding I have not yet found a really suitable and efficient way of collecting and gathering the informatioin without many hours of research for individual books, I do not seem to be able to skim or speed read, in fact it is the opposite and I get stuck on the same line or page for long periods of time.

There are still plenty of reasearch avenues I still need to pursue for example, how much do we depend on diagnosis? support and equality? There are many questions to ask and even more to answer. I intend over the time of my dissertation to answer some of these questions and clarify some of the complex nature of this subject.

I have learnt in the past that I am a practical learner in learning stlyes and “doing” helps me learn, this is not easily related to reading or listening to books.

I have learnt some key fact about disability, and the trouble is we identify with those who look like us or behave like us and we naturally look for similarities to relate to. In past campaigns and marches politically only a couple of thousand disabled people attended in the UK when there are more than 40,000 disabled people and rising; so it seems that even disabled people do not want be identified with the identity of disabilty or parts of it. Mobility and all kinds of identity issues could also be related to such small numbers joining in to recognised groups. I still have much reasrch to do and many areas that I can broaden into, journals, lectures on You tube and other people’s research and papers.

How many surveys ever been carried out on the disabled? Do we need a new logo which every can identify with? to unite disabled people? How well educated are we?
This question of identity, unity and positive image seems to be important and complex and I need to explore further.

Intergrating my learning into my physical work will help me remember information which I am reading and learning. I am not sure as yet how I will do this but do know this would help me remember information as being a kinesthetic learner I am hoping to integrate this into my learning approach, maybe diagrammes or drawing may help in this way.


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