Edmund Husserl believed phenomenology is a precise human science, which clarifies the assumptions upon which human knowledge is grounded. Looking at how we can grasp the phenomenon of this world (Van Manen, 2011).

My work is inspired by perception and understanding of the world and the many ways in which we engage with it.  Our experience and consciousness of our experience are intertwined and I am inspired by Husserl’s theories.

Merleau-Ponty emphasized the body as its primary site of knowing the world,  claiming that the body and its knowledge could not be disentangled from one another and that the body was the primary site of knowing the world.

My work crosses also into post-modernism, it is important to me to communicate via sculpture, expressing the contexts behind my work, how I relate to and from them and defining what kind of artist I am and how I am perceived.


Ceramics is my primary material, however by integrating mixed media I am able to expand my ideas, concepts, dimensions and language.  My latest piece reflects feelings, perceptions, notions that, even though my physical body is no longer experiencing certain movements, my body has the knowledge to enable movement in another form, though no longer accessible physically to myself my muscles hold that knowledge. The saying “you never forget how to ride a bike” applies also to not forgetting how to do handstand, or pike on a trapeze as muscle memory is instilled upon the mind and the physical being, this can be translated into a similar language creatively.

My work has a narrative quality, a concept and more suited for exhibition. I am presently exhibiting in London for Shape Arts and I aim to extend my exhibition experiences internationally.  My work being chosen for exhibit has reassured me that my work has a voice of expression, which can be valued, and recognized people who don’t even know me!

Exploration of new materials and techniques has been key recently, with learning to laser cut acrylic from a photo of my ceramic work, which was highly effective.  I feel I am only beginning with this medium and am keen to full explore its and my potential.  I am currently constructing my first life size piece with its own structural challenges, these have taught me to be confident with the clay and not concern myself with cutting or removing large pieces when needed to rebuild.  The process has also influenced my design organically, now looking to use my Marquette figures as a casting opportunity

My wish is for my art to be heard, to exist in its own being and to express they ways in which I make sense of the world.  The active experience of creating has always been a safe space in which I can exist, a distraction from pain right now.  My desire is to work on a larger scale and collaborate with outside organizations where possible.

I aim to reach and communicate with audiences who also live with disabilities, seen and unseen.

I have researched artists such as Claire Twomey, Antony Gormley, Marc Quinn, Edmond De Waal, Rachel Kneebone, artist that I feel work collectively, experimentally, conceptual, looking at the way in which they verbalize, bringing their work into discussion. On my blog I have detailed some of this research.


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