Blogging has been an issue, I have found due to health, computer breakdowns and programmes disappearing (in other words technical difficulties!). However I have done the ground work to put lots of blogs up but not yet loaded them all. Organisation seems to be challenging at present.

Disability seems to have its own challenges which don’t always inspire me consequently I have had trouble standing up straight for a matter of weeks which has had an adverse effect to my learning. I have though been watching a varied amount of art, especially dance and ballet, like the ballet boyz, who I would like to see again this year who I find inspiring rather than traditional ballet they seem to have a more fluid or balanced movement. And the company is mainly men. I think particularly that their work uses lighting and sound in harmony very much with rhythm and movement.

The pieces of work I’m working on at present are individual pieces almost as performers which I’ll be moving and choreographing to set as a performance. So I have realised that there are two dimensions to my work. One is coming from the place of invisible disability and restriction limits and challenges on a physical and emotional level. The other is a feeling of balance, inspiration, movement and limitless potential.


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