Field studies , film Neil

Literature- what kind of work market , academic, 
journals, achieve, 
Visual studies- case studies 
Interview- artist of note, drive the conversation , who fits, politics and social, tea searching ideas and good grades
Put up my work !!!!
Coca project
Alex mercernan
Gain as much info as possible 2 hours , 3 week project mini project – understand what’s needed of me , everything is to underpin exhibition, investigate and develop , development of ideas, identify an object in the collection I find of interest , something about it to kick off ideas , write a written analysis , identify the contextual framework, reference that piece and my ideas , what values does it have?? Do what I’m interested in , be obvious, map out what I’m doing
Demonstrate, methods , type, analysis , talk about it , can be process led , investigate, photos, film, draw, 3 modes, give different processes a go, show all connections !! 
Say the obvious.
Ask Duncan about glaze etc do Maquette’s, blog!!!!
Website, Fb, Instagram , 
Finding can be built upon. 


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