Jeff Jones and cardiff met acrhive of ceramics and food for thoughts.

Jeff described how in his experience there were not many books or information on pottery and ceramics when he started his academic learnings, so he tries to encourage the use and information but also a real resource for studio work , which he feels you would never find in a library, it gives info far beyond the info found in books, there’s catalogues and cards, this gives a fuller picture of the makers and artists.
Jeff states that an archive preserves the informal, holding the more personality of work , artist statements, cards etc, It give more of a fuller or personal perspective. 
1998 Jeff came here to gather info on ceramics and also employed Caroline Taylor who was important in helping collate the collection as well.
Jeff become a lecturer as well as research fellow. 
Digitising is happening so tapes and slides can be transferred and not lost. 
Jeff is very keen on material items and holding feeling and the sensorial side of catalogues and cards and things not so much interested in conceptional art , his PhD was in studio pottery 1920-1950’s
The thing you get from handling is the age , texture and materiality which each piece gives u a different experience of information, Jeff speaks alot of encouraging or discouraging to look and how things rather than the web make him want to explore. He shows a box of Morgan hall”s, her cards, catalogue but it seems easier to loose yourself in the collection rather than just specific info in computer Jeff explains. 
Knowledge being transferral and transient. 
Jeff found it very important to start to interviewing people , to capture skills and info which may be lost. He has a online presence called interpreting ceramics.
Future collections/archive will be around the students who attend cardiff met this will be adding to the third collection. 
Paul encourages to add to it , recordings interview . 
I would enjoy adding to this collection, and how I reflect and archive my own work. 
This would be very interesting to do and to see my ceramic snd art journey so far. 
Even if just in pictures such as Instagram and then file a record of significant events, images which have either inspired or effected my work.
I found drawing I had done some 30 years or more ago this year which are interesting and maybe worth putting these and others into sequence and reflection and my own personal archive.


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