Research, subject

Ideas for the piece I am working on a piece called “Are you alone or joining the party”and other artists I find have influenced me in my research

The piece is on two levels firstly about disability and politics and how if we don’t join together as a disabled group we may not be heard as there seems so many fractions and wheelchair user and invisable disabilitys, mental disabilitys their are many types and all seem to stay seperate to each other , the government does not state how many members are disabled but it’s believed to be only a couple, how can this be a demerits tic view of the country and how can we be heard if non of us are in government ? How art has a place in drawing attention of politicians and also the public at large , for example Marc Quinn and the Sean Penn, and Alison Llapper figures.
The second underlying theme is more personal and how when you have an invisable disability you appear to struggle with socialising and how it is really misunderstood as you really get to the party, and eventually you stop being asked as the wider community assumes you don’t want to go when you don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute, the party can be social or more importantly meeting for groups , or even politicos , there are still many prejudice things happening to disabled people and with the Paralympic advertising campions of Super Humans , their seems to be a split opinion of disability now , either to be pitied or Super human and better than human. Both these images are misleading and the avarage person can still fall through the cracks and be isolated and mis out on normal activities which we all take for granted, such as a gym class or school trip or holiday.

With the social model ( disabilities coming from how they are treated and equipped) now having more sway and public knowledge things have improved generally and the disability law now joining equality but on a ground level this is still failing. Many people are alone and disconnected , the Internet and social media have given a new voice to these people and groups are becoming very popular but they are dispersed and do not seem to have one voice or direction.

My working methods are primarily by hand with Parian, I do like using casts as well but usually manipulate the cast figure once cast. I enjoy working with collective figures, using a spence of balence and fragility.

I like mixing forms of 2D and 3D to give a sense of altering perspective on many levels.

I would like my work to just give a voice , not a conclusion of even state any particular thing but yo just give a vice that disabled people are normal and have many disifcukties the same as we all have bug some can be more restrictive on a daily basis unless adapted to suit there needs , these adaptions are not to do with money or material things, but just simply sometime peoples attitudes.

To be heard , listened to and considered as part of the community.


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