Nan smith 

Art and science
Article by glen r brown
Nan smith works art, science and looking at methylmercury on the environment , aquatic life, and human health, she works in style of installation, a commentary on this effect , her work connecting to a website and info on methylmercury and she incorporates scientific investigation extending beyond sketch books documenting influences , media ,
I found I feel a that Nan uses the space to create a installation and the room in the article is a large sensorial experience , communication with media , sculpture in ceramics and also art, craft installations giving a full experience of the work making it clear that her work is linked with the ocean.
Nans work is meta- modernistic, and is driven by the earth and processes which are effecting it , her work is vibrant and playful even though it has a very serious subject and I can see it relating to many age groups.
I feel I relate to meta-modernism for its social, political and humanistic ways in which I relate my figures and work to disability and social disparity , I have been doing a large amount of research in history, social change and academic works on scapegoating and power in society.
The journey I researched for Nan Smith was sculptural objects , ceramics Art and perception issue 101 2015


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