Claire Curneen

Why does Claire do what she does?
Claire shows an image of her studio
She spends time studying objects
Spends time drawing, drawing objects, figures, watercolours, challenging what you do, what are those questions.
Claire’s work is based in religion and wasn’t around museums etc.
Claire looks at the figure as an object. How they evolve, often referencing the same subject like st Sebastian.
Is it the drawings or the objects , her studio has pieces she has made from older small figures moving into the more current work.
Claire works in body’s of work and can take up to 2 years, themes saints snd martyrdom.
Claire speaks sbout the picture the baptism of Christ by piero de francesca 1450’s
Claire speaks how pictures speak to her and the layers which the have for her. Angles are in the picture and a seance of something about to happen, trickling of the water , I feel that the picture really unfolds for Claire and the the stories and deeply ingrained in her being. Claire speaks of her representation of figures. Using colour as visual hooks like liquid, blood, a form of currency in the way of gold.
Claire speaks of Marc Quinn and the flowers picture and the way flowers are already dead when picked and how beauty in them even when dying and the values of them , flowers seem to be pertinent to Claire in her work, a clarity of objects.
Daphne prays to escape Apollo and is turned into a laurel tree. Artist pollaiuolo 1470-80 Claire speaks of which way is she going and what she chooses to touch upon, these pictures give direct inspiration of themes to Claire in her interpretation.
Claire speaks how she works retrospectively and looking back helps her understand snd move forward.
Claire speaks about firstly being an artist and then a teacher snd researcher and an ambassador and the responsibility of public funding.
Claire goes onto speak of museum pieces and that show craftsmanship and skill acquired over time.
To this I put my name was the name of her show after her research, in the mission gallery. Claire sees her work as always trying to reach something.


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