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The museum piece the head in Anthony Shaw’s collection

Is the head in the Anthony Shaw collection
It just makes me feel at home it takes me back to family and my my Nan to being young and looked after, while there were still mothers and family, hers eyes look vacantly on
But reminds me of so much emotion, it makes me feel as if someone was touching or stroking my cheek, wrapping me up when ill on the sofa.
Always being there never to leave.
Warm and comfortable and a sense of never changing a sense of permanence
It’s home to me!
When I asked Anthony about the piece he said his mother bought it in Italy when he was young he called it his touch stone
Which is exactly what it makes me feel a familiar object giving peace.
The piece is classic very pre-Raphaelite, with associations to Roman days, to garden statues, when there were no photographs no Internet and people I don the gardens and the homes with sculptures of goddesses an important rich people, as only the rich afford to have statues.
This just reminds me also of an Ophelia bust made by copeland studios in Parian I own it was made in 1861 again very classical. This was made at Stoke in Trent. These sculptures may not be contemporary or challenging but holds a form of timelessness piece which we all can relate to similarly to the religious sculptures of the mother and child, sculptures have been created like this for century’s and are a familiar part of our lives both socially and historically. With classic artists such as Michael Angelo making Mabel sculpture and painting these familiar forms of classical sculptures and life studies. The Greeks , Romans made these form very popular with having busts made of themselves
In around 1AD and before in Greece 4 BC. This was originally depicting gods and mythology and legends being shown, this became a way of keeping a image of someone especially the wealthy and became fashion. This then led into Italy where my sculpture of Womans head was from Anthony Shaws collection was bought.


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