Rachael smith

Constellation , post feedback , self reflection.
From the feedback I received today, I have learnt that I need to write more from an academic perspective and less from my own.
I need to give more structure to writing , with my chapters having introductions, clarifying arguments making my chapters more structured from making my point and leading into the next chapter.
I also need to stay on point , check my evidence for and against and what conclusion can be drawn from this and how does it relate to the next paragraph . My agreement needs to be stronger especially at the beginning of the dissertation and also needs to show that disability has a huge amount of variety.
I propose to move forward by restructuring my chapters making sure each leads into the next.
That each paragraph makes a point and that there is a clear argument for and against and that it is written clearly .
I will also look for a proof reader. Most importantly I need to stay awake when re working and working on written work this is extremely difficult sometime , today being one of those days.


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