Looking at how I am working

Loading a kiln with mixed pieces, some looking more about others than myself and some satisfying my brief, looking at 2d and 3D making the same piece in both. The 2d being a perspective of how I see disability, though not a popular thought as more research shows that disabled people are looking to be equal and even shown on tv as super human.

The interpretation of disability in the Equality act, is that one finds things more difficult, painful or takes longer to do than that of a non-disabled person. I personally feel as though details and simply lifestyle and choices are more difficult to do physically, socially, and almost as if a dimension has gone from my life, I realise this may not be popular thought as most people feel they are as able and capable.

I have used Parian and porcelain to see which surface I prefer, I have also made some functional pieces in this as well to look at surfaces, writing on them, I want to look in particular, at the inner voice and how that can reflect in our lives, writing on a bowl looking at how we have a relationship with food.  Does the inner Voice help or hinder? My work is mainly based in sociology and how we as people view, converse and respond.

I wish my work to open conversations and not tell others or audience how to think or feel but have a conversation about the subject matter I am referring to. The aesthetics of art is important to me and I feel the piece must have a voice of its own weather I am present or there is any evidential written narrative, it is important for the work to be inclusive, so even if an audience member could not read, they are still able to converse with the piece at hand.


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