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Grayson Perry

I went to London to see Grayson Perry in conversation and discuss his own work , politics and Art universities. This was very interesting, his overall message was that students need to be themselves and follow their own creative yearnings. I agree with his opinion as I believe your own creative process is very important, and only by following your own creative desire will you satisfy that craving from within. I feel this is good to be reminded of this by someone who has seen success and I will do my best to stay true to my own beliefs and not be swayed by commercial demands in life.

I have also found that my desire and need to do more meaningful work, be clearer about my concepts and direction is becoming more important to me and looking at how and why I am planning my work and how it relates to all that I am showing the audience. How I relate  my material with my concept and present it, how it is perceived and what my intensions are need to be considered more thoroughly.


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