field, subject

On the edge

I have been using my 2d figures to make a 3 d sculpture and using the concepts of balance, fragility, collection/multiples and connections to others to support even though tenuous at times. I have used porcelain and made the figures slightly larger so I can fit together more easily as I do not wish to permanently fixed the pieces together only balance and wedge so that there is still a Kerris position and fragility to the work that it may move this piece is not to be touched but just observed with each interlocking wait balancing the pieces together.he is the person rather than carrying it in this piece as I did not wish to have such a Cleese surface looking less refined, But still had a quality of bone being unforced and the grating feeling that ones have when the rub internally together. I intend to make a large piece in this way , to interpret more community.


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