Reflection of “Are you alone or joining the party”



What drove me to make the piece the remit Shape Open for a call out to make a piece relevant to see if art and disability  has a voice in politics, and my isolation at times and wanting to say something and be heard.

I decided that I have a voice in politics but will struggle to be really heard unless I join a poilitical party and do something about those frustrations I have making more of a noise. I have been influenced by living in such close proximity to an MP after years of not watching the news.

If I were to review the piece, I would need to realise that the  government use the portcullis as a main symbol and trademark as such on all there letter info etc, otherwise I would not know it referred to politics. The figures appears to be joined and in a struggle to climb the portcullis some are broken and some are whole, some fall before they reach the portcullis and some are alone. I would hope this portrays the disabled community. The clay is Parian and white showing simplicity and purity. The portcullis is adored in gold showing power and wealth.



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