My piece is first on the left @Shape Arts, Mile End “Open Exhibition”


This piece is about how art has a voice about disabilities and politics. The piece itself is stating that art does have a voice purely as the piece has been made and is exhibited in shape arts in London a disabled artist organisation which I tend to keep in touch with and have exhibited work before.

I have chosen the portcullis as a symbol of government for a couple of reasons, one it is a standard symbol for parliament and also that the portcullis means difficult to penetrate and very guarded, and the barriers that disabilities face when facing government and how there are no official numbers of how many disabled members of parliament or MPs these have have been asked for publicly but never given.

I have used porcelain, Parian for its qualities  of purity and self glazing. I have made a collection of figures intertwined and joined the figures fragilely so they are only just holding on to each other and some have separated showing that the disabled community itself is fragile and often seperate finding it difficult to identify together as yet.

I also chose Parian as it has a finish of its own and had no glaze (self glazing) , the figures are just being themselves as disabled people inspire to be and the portcullis had been decorated in gold to show the pretension of grandeur and importance and wealth.



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