Short films I made

This is a montage of the videos I have made in the last year. The videos all include either , yoga or silks.

I have made these videos to study movement , but in addition to this I have been studying balance the female form and also in 2 of the films I have used a theme.

Firstly surviving the NHS which allowed me to analyse my experience of hospital visits and tests to a more reflective and objective perspective, which not only helps me cope with these test, but relay a story and narrative in a creative and attractive way turing what could be seen as negative perspective into a positive on.the background to the shots are of all the medical procedures I undertook that year.

The second video , positive and negative, uses the same female image but is stylised in a very different way, she is more simplistic in a style similar to movie titles. Although it wasn’t my intention at the time I see that their is a resemblance to bond and Tales of the unexpected, which reveals and demostrates how all of our memories and experiences can influence our work subconsciously, even if not consciously chosen.

I made the early morning  and evening practice videos for the purpose of using them as a basis for other work, I intend to make animation from these.


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