Notes for Exhibition

DNA -spine
Bone , spine , DNA , unstable, motion,
Cartalidge, invisible spacers , one figure different to the others , orange, represents solar plexus, connected to umbilical cord , genetics conditions, orange symbolism of connection to family , birth


52 pieces which link to my age
Hanging , suspensions, not supported, flexible, incorporating light,


How to hang, supported from what? Screw thread and bolts , light from what , how , make spacers , thread, plinth underneath ? Not touching , see someone about suspension? Matt, Natasha?

How it reads/viewed

Looks bone like , spine , DNA Helics, purity as white, aesthetically pleasing , piece in own right , light and movement

Collapsing figures

Small one meaning
Looks normal then collapses
Invisible to visible (disability) spine like body and bone , human form to relate to, empathy , show workings to invoke understanding of how it works

Interpretation, visually look
Small , figure, just white, dissected, stratospheres, elasticated, collapse, stand up, thing may be more complex than first sight?

Trial elastic, spring, or wind up figure, base , mechanism, acrylic , show workings , how to display , plinth? Instruction manual . Recovery position , educational- postcard-leaflet

How viewed
Toy like connecting to play, recognise figure,
Medical, scientific. Aesthetic piece

No 2 big one

Dissected human form
Orange spinal discs fragmented, spinal no in sections , c1,c2 etc
Made into stacking toy
Oversized pill , list of drugs, prescription, wall chart , colour chart info leaflet

Hight , spacing of pieces, base of drugs , on Acylic rod,

Seen, viewed
Scientific, play, fragile , shocking ,

Hand held
Movement , playfulness, simplicity, mechanical, industrial, handle, what on and handle give accessibility and permission soon to interact with sculpture , comfortable or uncomfortable?


Exercise spring, sequenced swimmers , dancers , on table ? Plinths , how accessible?
Signs symbols , use symbols distort meaning , accessibility crossed out Simone standing in chair?

Make handles out of Acylic to keep continuity, think colour or clear?
How they join is important attach well
Similar to skipping rope elastic noted and Acylic handle

How it’s seen
Curiosity, exploration, fear of breaking , unnerving, exhilarating , should u touch ? Expectation, permission do I have or not !


Figures collapsing off chair unable to stay on it
Relationship, supportive looking but not able to support body falling off ,
Colour of chair, pink happy upbeat , not serious, standard, body not upbeat
Chair represent how like to be seen instead of collapsing

Visually look like

Pink plastic average , cheap, trying to be upbeat nothing special not to serious easy to communicate , girly , not posh or expensive,,institution, pink self exeptance

Make loads of figure , pre construct sections , fire once full kiln before Easter
Acylic architecture structure

How reads
Falling collapsing, juxta position , collaborative
Day to day object
Messy? Uncomfortable, upsetting tutors , acceptable or not?


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