My Exhibition – ” It’s not just Black and White

This exhibition is about invisable disability and making the invisable visible for others to see. 

Inside Out 1, 2 and 3 

Inside Out 1

This sculpture is an expression of bone, spine, I am using the familiar recognition of the body, the materials , porcelain, royal and Parian which has a strong resemblance to create this sculpture. I haveused these to encourage empathy and engagement.

As it is a well known fact that through much research that people do not naturally empathise with disabilities unless they have a direct knowledge and experience ( ref to writer) Barnes and mercer.? 

Inside Out 2 

This sculpture depicts DNA, it is made up of the figures, in acrylic, bright nearly luminous, with ceramic figure hanging from it. Many invisable disabilities are genetic, I have used the vibrant acrylic to show energy, orange and green for the symbolism of chakras orange being the solar plexus from the region of gestation and umbilical cord, the green with the heart the main central pumping system of the body and how we attach are emotions figuratively.


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