Exhibition, “It’s Not Just Black and White” The worn bone, fluctuations and difference in DNA cannot be seen from the exterior. The shifting shadows reveal the ever changing conditions of invisible disabilities.





There are complexities in invisible disabilities: figures collapsing from a seated position, uses different clay bodies to convey the many conditions represented by POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). Using firsthand knowledge as tool and motivation, this work is to raise awareness of how disability is not an end but rather a strength that can be drawn upon.


Inside Out 2





I’ve been researching lots of books such as Barnes and Mercers into disability and also medical journals about DNA and Methylation and its effects on DNA.


Sketch of DNA, ideas of creating in acrylic but with the figures representing different individuals I’ve also decided to make woman as in the DNA , EDS woman are far more likely to have EDS 50% of woman carrying down their genes.



I Designed spacers for my piece and had to redesign the size a few times due to re -design of internal structure and strength to make free standing design of “inside out” which took a lot of technical research and working with specialists to resolve issues which i came across whilst designing.



later cutting pieces for DNA, I decided to not put this piece in the show as IIMG_2761.jpg felt it diluted the strength of the main pieces of the show.



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