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“Inside out”

Plus about the making of this piece and designed to be the length of my own spine, I feel this piece needs to move to show he full perspective of the figure , this piece is made with Parian to give the vitreous glass look and smooth surface like worn cartilage which happens to many spines including my own, I have deliberately used clear spacers I made in acrylic to allow the disc space to be falsely given as the spine does not have itself anymore.

I have been looking at architecture and how this would make a good design for a stair case referring to designers such as Ross lovegrove, looking at different perspectives to my work and it’s future portencial.

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On the edge

I have been using my 2d figures to make a 3 d sculpture and using the concepts of balance, fragility, collection/multiples and connections to others to support even though tenuous at times. I have used porcelain and made the figures slightly larger so I can fit together more easily as I do not wish to permanently fixed the pieces together only balance and wedge so that there is still a Kerris position and fragility to the work that it may move this piece is not to be touched but just observed with each interlocking wait balancing the pieces together.he is the person rather than carrying it in this piece as I did not wish to have such a Cleese surface looking less refined, But still had a quality of bone being unforced and the grating feeling that ones have when the rub internally together. I intend to make a large piece in this way , to interpret more community.

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New piece

This is the second in a series looking at touch and senses making my work more accessible I have thought about the inside as much as the outside of the work and the texture and thickness of the piece I have also made in Parian fir its weight and smoothness unglazed, it had a very vitreous texture which j believe will be good for the desired purpose

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Proposal for Cardiff Millennium Centre

Proposal for Millennium Centre Cardiff.


By Rachael Smith

For the Attention of: Artistic Director.

I propose the following:

To make a creative installation of suspended figurative designs in ceramics, acrylic or other suitable materials, to be installed in an elevated position suspended on frames already in position at the Millennium Centre foyer.

These figures will reflect many artistic physical movements created by both circus and dance performers, which relate directly to the themes of the Millennium Centre activities. This exhibition is intended to be inclusive in its design, for those who may not dance, perform but to inspire the feeling of spatial physicality and enable the viewers to have a sense or feeling of movement, this is intended to be in a free arena that can be viewed by anybody, to make the experience as inclusive as possible.

These figures are a reflection of the Artists previous experience’s as a circus performer, now no longer experienced as disabled yet relating to the knowledge of movement and ability to still produce movement threw creative pursuits as an artist.

The size of figures will be between 3 foot and 6 foot some hand built and some cast from a performer and made in a variation of materials. Lighting will accentuate the feeling of movement, the objects themselves will not be moving, but through light, shadow and reflection the illusion of movement will be achieved. To include this exhibition in the foyer of the Millennium Centre, would not only enhance the environment within the public Centre, promoting a new dimension to elevate the environment of this iconic public building.

This exhibition could be used as an opportunity to encourage new groups, disabilities to visit the building in a positive and inclusive manner. Promoting inclusion and ability of disability.

Any other details will and can be provided upon request.

This exhibition has potential to be a semi permanent installation; the cleaning and maintenance would be low, suggested on a biannual basis.

Yours faithfully

Rachael Smith

Contact info:

mob: 07825 77 2340

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Field and Subject

I have found this term field and subject have intermixed for me the first time. The the previous field i did was great but seemed more separate to my subject, this time though, i have felt that field has become my subject and subject field. This is far more satisfying and leads me to believe that the skills needed for Art in the public realm is far more in keeping with my natural position and way of working, The previous field “Synergies” taught me lots, but also taught me that I need to do more to be competent and learn new processes especially technology. The present field “art in the public domain” has made me realise this is where my heart is and the work i produce in this area, not personally for my home or environment, though i am compelled to make it, i desire to display and show it to enhance public spaces for others and educational purposes.
I do feel it is a personal expression or the start of a conversation with an audience, I would like to be heard as i feel i am speaking about topics that could relate to others..

Since starting the field project I have visited London and looked more at Cardiff and have been exploring public art within these two areas , I realise I am extremely interested in architecture, as over the years I have photographed it often have been admiring certain buildings such as the National Portrait Gallery , The National Museum of Cardiff, The Millennium Centre Cardiff, the list would be endless.
I was surprised to see a staircase made of terracotta from near Ruthin, North Wales which I previosly lived close to for many years and was more surprised it was being used in this way.  We tend to think of ceramics as delicate, breakable, this was refreshing to see. This was in the NWR Building in Cardiff Bay.IMG_4139 (1)

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