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Reflections on Instagram 

Reflections on Instagram
I’ve been reflecting on Instagram and the context of my work, I use it for making an emotional connection to others through my work and thiers. I’m reaching connections linked to my past, my present and possibly of my future. Some connection have been to others i had a physical connection with when i was an acrobat, circus teacher and climber it is really good to re-kindle these connections in a creative way.
I seem to have made mutual contacts “followers” from some very varied and interesting people in specific groups, inspired from my hashtags. The groups being movement in the form of Acro yoga, climbers, disabled Paralympic groups, acrobats, pole dancers, ballet dancers another high-level circus and out door pursuits individuals and also small businesses. The other type of groups I seem to have attracted are ceramicists, fine artists, sculptors, textiles, and people who have chronic illness or disability.
I have realised through friends reactions that I have not had much of a social life, become quite isolated within the last 10 years not seeing some friends or having contact for that period. This is something I feel Instagram has started to rectify, even though not all of these relationships are personal, it has rekindled personal relationships to the point I feel I have now regained, some contact with personal ones and creating a mutual regard to new relationships by sharing what I like about their work and then reflecting on what they like about my work. This also gives opportunity to comment on other people’s work. I have found this very interesting and reaffirming the type of people who are attracted to my work and for reasons, this tends to be to do with movement and simplicity and a lot of time is now with artists related to my work.
I’m now having a close relationship with past peers and tutors of my degree years in Devon, such as Taz Pollard and Bridget Johnson. So new contacts like Michael Rice, Hysj art and too many to mention but a lot of these artists and physical artists are from Korea, Japan, Australia, America, Italy and Bali.
I’ve found it is a really simple way of sharing work, especially being so dyslexic and restricted often socially.  It’s easy to post, I find the whole Instagram system easy, the fact it’s mainly image based suits my body and mind, to either post or see others posts is very accessible, which is important to me and this relates to my dissertation. (Disability and how are socially perceived).

This process is rewarding and gives me a clear sense of reflection from a wider audience than I may not normally have received. I feel encouraged to face the outside more emotionally and physically, then I have for years as I have felt quite isolated, giving me a sense of connection and relationship, making me feel more affirmed about my intent and direction in working, with movement and balence, fragility and strength, using collectives and repetition.

What I’m making is being interpreted in ways which I’m intending, I feel I could expand my work to be more of a installation of expressions which will make it more inclusive but I am aware not to over complicate and keep in mind concepts of inclusiveness and which is becoming more important to me and also to alter the viewers sense of experience so I can relate a narrative in many ways by feeling , seeing, touch, hearing and atmosphere, this may challenging but I foresee experiments to create , animation, lighting etc.
Ceramic development which I wish to explore connecting more on many levels, as I’ve described by expressing to the outer world but also more literally with my Clay, it’s the surfaces and how finished they are and to what quality I am doing this. However connecting the clay bodies themselves trying with the use of other materials like acrylic, metal and even other clays to use connectors.This may not be successful and could over complicate as I wish to keep simplicity within my work to a degree but this is one of the challenges.
Simply going to an exhibition this summer with one of my best friends Niki who is totally blind and realising the exhibition was not accessible at all to her and so few are and usually when they are have been simplified to the point of child like or unsophisticated.  I am intending to make mine interesting, simple yet sophisticated and as inclusive as possible without diluting my expression or ideas. I really wonder how far we have progressed when because of imagery we assume everyone disabled is in a wheel chair even though it’s only 8% of disabled people who are. This means on the whole its a minority even in disability but that seems to be the only way in which people think of supporting disability. We don’t even have a regular yearly show for inclusion locally that I know of? This again inspired me to attempt to fill this gap without it looking disjointed or inferior in quality, oh feels important that education is needed in many levels and art can help educate and integrate, do that is connectivity is becoming essential , coming back around to Instagram being part of this screen shots or invites could be sent to these people I’ve connected with for my final show? Using that connection to broaden my world literally.
I find the opportunities very simple program could be extensive.

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Sensorial Exhibition

I went to the sensorial exhibition, this was most interesting, the exhibition was well attended and the pieces were of a extremely good quality and of an unusual interest , the piece made by Ingrid and John were my favourite because of the interaction and that a child would enjoy and “Get It” as much as an adult but by now means was the skill and level of the installation diminished by this in fact it made it the perfect pieces, as everyone was delighted by the piece, so much that it was hard to hear the lecture when it started as people did not want to stop playing with the said piece. The lecture was really interesting talking of how taste and sense are integrated and that eating off a gold spoon would enhance your experience of the food were as tin and brass would be more likely to make the food taste bitter, this was enlightening and makes me reflect on my own experiences of living without electricity for years and the effect that had on my body when approaching a city for the first time, how I could feel the electrical vibration.

We are far more sensitive than we give are self credit for and can easily link back into the experiences and senses, is it surprising we are getting road rage when the magnetic field around a car is a strong force which interferes with our own bodes magnetism? Reading such books as Autogeddon by Heathcote Williams are an interesting outlook on cars and sensorial and environmental impact.

We make judgement on people and situations within seconds and are bombarded with constant cognitive demands, our body making judgement which sometimes disagree with the conscious mind. Fight and flight often overrode in inorder to be polite.

This has inspired me to look more a the knowledge I have and to extend this into my work, as I have for many year been working within a sensory area, with teaching of meditation and awareness classes, psychometry.

I find the interaction of other and shows are invaluable in helping prompt and give context to our own work.