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Exploring Identification of Visual and Written Research, Regarding Disability.


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Parliament and my experience.

These are a couple of pictures of the St Mary Undercroft , the Chapel in Parliament which is private and used for the placing of ex prime ministers bodies before thier funerals, and special state occasions.

The main thing that impressed me was the plaque that Tony Benn placed in the broom cupboard to commemorate Emily Wilding Davison who hid herself illegally during the night of the 1911 census campaigning for votes for woman , she believed if she could hide all night she would then have to be recognised as living in the houses of commons. she died of injuries in June 1913 under the King’s horse at Epsom.

This woman has always been a hero of mine since a young girl and i felt honoured to be able to stand where she stood but also find that in politics these days how sad that world leaders are being so short sighted to treat woman in poor and denigrating way making me wonder how much still needs to be done in a world of injustice.

The other thing that stuck me was the exquisite workmanship that was done so many years ago in 1297, and looks incredible today.

it must be an inspiration to any crafts person today with such a high skill level of finish and intricate detail which was almost made me breathless to see.

In terms of how this has influenced my work , I have become less insular and considering and learning far more about how we engage as a nation and make rule, how politics is part of our life but we tend to disconnect and place blame rather than engaging more and learning to influence those practices.

I feel my work can have a voice, and it is important how I represent myself and others. Who and what I am talking about can have an influence. Writing can become a part of my creative voice and I feel my dissertation has influenced my work and visa-versa. which came about with the piece  “are you alone or joining the party”. I intend to make some more pieces which are more politically influenced and have been granted a bursary to help fund my cost of materials for this from the Patricia Penn award.