I have started the MRES, it has been interesting making me question my ideas and how i will achieve them. I haven’t got this all pinned down as yet but have started to make contact with other professionals, consultants and professionals in fields such as autism, disability groups and curators.


My Exhibition – ” It’s not just Black and White

This exhibition is about invisable disability and making the invisable visible for others to see. 

Inside Out 1, 2 and 3 

Inside Out 1

This sculpture is an expression of bone, spine, I am using the familiar recognition of the body, the materials , porcelain, royal and Parian which has a strong resemblance to create this sculpture. I haveused these to encourage empathy and engagement.

As it is a well known fact that through much research that people do not naturally empathise with disabilities unless they have a direct knowledge and experience ( ref to writer) Barnes and mercer.? 

Inside Out 2 

This sculpture depicts DNA, it is made up of the figures, in acrylic, bright nearly luminous, with ceramic figure hanging from it. Many invisable disabilities are genetic, I have used the vibrant acrylic to show energy, orange and green for the symbolism of chakras orange being the solar plexus from the region of gestation and umbilical cord, the green with the heart the main central pumping system of the body and how we attach are emotions figuratively.


My piece is first on the left @Shape Arts, Mile End “Open Exhibition”


This piece is about how art has a voice about disabilities and politics. The piece itself is stating that art does have a voice purely as the piece has been made and is exhibited in shape arts in London a disabled artist organisation which I tend to keep in touch with and have exhibited work before.

I have chosen the portcullis as a symbol of government for a couple of reasons, one it is a standard symbol for parliament and also that the portcullis means difficult to penetrate and very guarded, and the barriers that disabilities face when facing government and how there are no official numbers of how many disabled members of parliament or MPs these have have been asked for publicly but never given.

I have used porcelain, Parian for its qualities  of purity and self glazing. I have made a collection of figures intertwined and joined the figures fragilely so they are only just holding on to each other and some have separated showing that the disabled community itself is fragile and often seperate finding it difficult to identify together as yet.

I also chose Parian as it has a finish of its own and had no glaze (self glazing) , the figures are just being themselves as disabled people inspire to be and the portcullis had been decorated in gold to show the pretension of grandeur and importance and wealth.



Reflection of “Are you alone or joining the party”



What drove me to make the piece the remit Shape Open for a call out to make a piece relevant to see if art and disability  has a voice in politics, and my isolation at times and wanting to say something and be heard.

I decided that I have a voice in politics but will struggle to be really heard unless I join a poilitical party and do something about those frustrations I have making more of a noise. I have been influenced by living in such close proximity to an MP after years of not watching the news.

If I were to review the piece, I would need to realise that the  government use the portcullis as a main symbol and trademark as such on all there letter info etc, otherwise I would not know it referred to politics. The figures appears to be joined and in a struggle to climb the portcullis some are broken and some are whole, some fall before they reach the portcullis and some are alone. I would hope this portrays the disabled community. The clay is Parian and white showing simplicity and purity. The portcullis is adored in gold showing power and wealth.